Bring the Anger

A new campaign for Angry Birds that aims to show how anger can be converted into positive action! So we made scooter you can scream at and vending machines you can punch.
Client: Rovio
Collaborators: Dan Litzow, Michael Kleinman, Leilani Todd, Brian Moore, Neil Heymann

For their tenth anniversary, Angry Birds wanted to show the world that anger can be a force for good in the world.
We demonstrated this in three ways.

Firstly we created the Rage Rider, a scream activated scooter that effectively turned anger into transportation. 120 were made and given to influencers and media publications.

Then we created The Venting Machine; punch it, yell at it and shake it to turn anger into prizes. This was launched in the middle of Times Square, where participants waited upwards of three hours in the Novmeber cold for their turn. Some walked away with $500 flight vouchers, while others got hand sanitizer or plush toys. To spread the anger, users were broadcast onto a three story high billboard across the street, affectionately nicknamed The Beast.

Finally, we changed the game! Literally. With an in-game feature that donated to UNICEF every time a player knocked a pig off its perch.