under armour's flagship campaign for training in 2015.
made with 4 world-class athletes including stephen curry, jordan spieth, tom brady and misty copeland.

the campaign revolves around the singular thought
"i am, indeed, a king, because i know how to rule myself." - pietro aretino

and visually manifested in a metaphor of a one man army and each time you train, you add a soldier to your ranks.


cannes lions 2016:
bronze x 1 ( visual effects )
shortlist x 5 ( direction, cinematography, editing, sound design, adapted music )

one show 2016:
bronze pencil x 3 ( online film, cinematography, editing )

young guns award 2015:
gold x 1 ( tv more than 30seconds )
silver x 1 ( art direction )
bronze x 1 ( tv 30 seconds )

adidas 1
adidas 2

behind the scenes:


tom brady

stephen curry

misty copeland

jordan spieth