young shits aka ys awards is a student ad contest aimed at getting students jobs, contacts and real feedback. A STUDENT AD CONTEST THAT ACTUALLY GIVES A SHIT.

We were tired of the same run-of-the-mill contest. You know, the ones where busy CCO's, ECD's, and GCD's glance at your work for .0001 seconds and...that's about it. So...


how it works:
two small-name judges from big-name agencies. two months to win.
we introduce two briefs from two awesome hand-picked judges, and students have two months to do them. they can submit entries to one brief or both if you want – it’s up to them.

all judges have less than five years experience, and are all full-time employees at top agencies in the world.

the grand prize
a one-on-one session with the judge – whether it be an in person meet up or a skype / phone call. It’s an opportunity to connect with a top young creative who is seriously considering recommending you for a job.

the result:
we have students participating from all around the world and the responses have been overwhelming. the students love the briefs and the opportunity to connect. and the contest has been running successfully since January 2016.

look at the beautiful face of frank, the judge with the winners.

Also, we have a pretty respectable social following

Stay Young. Stay Shitty.